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We Are Pounds And Pence. [Tuesday
August 16th, 2005
08:01 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

Friends Only.

Comment To Be Added.

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Welcome To My Life [Sunday
July 24th, 2005
03:56 PM]
[ mood | Scene. ]

That you have the most beautiful face.

Oh yeah, and that scene is stupid? Do you understand why no one just beats the shit out of scene kids? Let me put it this way... If you see a cripple, and he pisses you off, do you hit him? Me, I do, but normal people, don't. Know why? Because they feel bad for the cripple. Do you know why no one just beats the shit out of scene kids? Because they feel BAD for them. Look at Malakye, he's like 25, and he still wears boy shorts, and even more so, listens to shitty music. I think someone needs to grow up...

Also, "HEY I AM VEGAN I AM YELLING I TYPE IN CAPS." People like that, are fucking idiots.

You: "I am going to quit eating animals/animal products."
Animal Product Corporation: "Damn, lost another... We'd better stop producing animal products for what that person would eat... It would simply be a waste, and that IS NOT WHAT MORAL, INTELLIGENT AMERICA WOULD DO, IS IT?!"

No, that's bullshit.


Mohawks are cool.





Fuck, I'm just kidding. I couldn't even keep a straight internet face on that one, damn.

I thought of the most fucking RAD scene haircut. Okay, it could be outrageously uneven, because buying pants that are already ripped for more than new pants cost is really cool and trendy, and there will be a mullet. Okay, so an uneven mullet. Sounds familiar? But WAIT: A mohawk is on top. So, a mohawk with an uneven mullet on the back, WITH BANGS ON THE FRONT! Holy shit, if I liked the Smiths, or some other shitty bands like Armor For Sleep or Take The Pills Along With A Kiss (I just made that up, just now, but shit, I bet you stopped reading once you remembered the name, because you had to get on Kazaa and download some songs.) Well, if I liked shitty bands like that, I would probably wear my hair like that. Or if I was in such desperate need of attention, that you act and look like everyone else, then fuck, you must be awsum. (SIC) Oh, and that's not all, there will be KWEL colors like red, blond, and jet black (and the default green, of course) all randomly strewn about in your hair. Man, I'm even awesome when I'm being scene.

When Your Ears Are Just Another Set of Eyes...Collapse )

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SERVE-ay. [Sunday
July 24th, 2005
03:12 PM]
"Is that Mountain Dew? It's green."

I wish I made this shit up.
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My Hand Is Your Hat [Saturday
July 23rd, 2005
11:01 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

We went to the mall today. I got a Cure - Bloodflowers shirt, Joy Division - Closer shirt, and Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts album. It's rad. Placebo is awesome. Did you know At The Drive In, broke up into Sparta, The Mars Volta and one member turned british, and started a band back in time, named Placebo? By the way, I'm making fun of Kaila Rae.

Anyways, Placebo is sweet ass. My shirts are super small. I'm going to look scene_x_core. This means stupid, slutty girls will like me! Until they realize my shirts aren't random, shitty emo bands.

Well, Gabe is an asshole, I hate him. He deleted his livejournals. What a pussy bitch. I hate him.

My life is hectic.

See you at the bitter end.

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You Make Me Make Me Horny Again [Saturday
July 23rd, 2005
02:52 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

I woke up today, hoping it was 12 or earlier, looked at the clock, and thought it was 12. Later, I found out it was 2. Fuck. I haven't woken up before 2 since like... mid-summer. School is going to suck so hard. I had a dream last night that me and Gabe were still in NY, it was rad. NY was so bad ass. That was the coolest trip ever.

Nothing much has happend. I'm 3/0/0 unofficial. Hmmm...

My life is boring. I like the Cure.

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Welcome To My Life... :-/ LOLZ [Thursday
July 21st, 2005
03:06 PM]
[ mood | LOLING ]

I have been on that couch and loved my life quite a few times.

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He's A Real No Where Man [Tuesday
July 19th, 2005
03:38 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

My cousin, the youngest son/child of my uncle who died last weekend, got hit by a car today while riding his bike.

What the hell is god's problem?

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Where Should We Go? (I Need Your Love) [Saturday
July 16th, 2005
07:00 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

Time for my texter.

The day my uncle died, before he died, I was thinking, "Boy, I act mature alot of the time. I'm alot like my dad. Who's alot like his brother... (My uncle)... who has kidney problems..." This was getting my fear of future kidney problems a magnificent boost. Later, when my uncle died, this thought went further:

"I'm alot like my dad. Who's alot like his brother... Who has(d) kidney problems... Who IS dead..."

Jesus. This has just been on my mind for a few days now, so I'm finally updating with it.

Well, the funeral and buriel is over now. I'm supposed to be going home tomorrow afternoon or something. I kind'a can't wait, I really wan'na play guitar. When I think this, I remember, you have a broken e string. Then I get sad.

Well, I'm done, dammit.


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Wow. "You Told Your Mother I'd Take You Home, But Left Out I Don't Have A Car" [Saturday
July 16th, 2005
06:45 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

These WERE The Dancing Days...Collapse )

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Just to bring it back... [Friday
July 15th, 2005
05:36 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

My old friends only thingy.

"You're Not My Friend Because I Don't Like Your Face. Cunt rag.

Kill yourself

Fucking fuck face.

Comment to be added, dipshit."

This was before...

you're, not, my, friend, because, I, don't, like, your, face, cunt, rag, kill, yourself, fucking, fuck, face, comment, to, be, added, and dipshit were scene words.
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If Only He Was Real [Friday
July 15th, 2005
05:00 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

I don't know how to even put it. My uncle is... dead. He's fucking gone. I wasn't even that close to him, so I can't really.. isayfhlksa But I feel for his family, who were all close to him. 6 kids. 3 under 18. 2 boys who he was with everyday. They played baseball with him, all that shit. And he's gone. His father watched him die. Parents should never see their fucking kids die. Jesus Christ.

I thought about it from my grandfather's point. Oh, god, that made me cry. His oldest son, of only 50, dies. Of the same thing that took his wife. Kidney failure. Even my dad's getting symptoms of it. Which you know what that means? I'm probably going to have it. klsjalf FUCK. I don't even know what to feel. I've always felt like a 40 year old man. Worrying about my health, and diabeaties and all this bullshit, now that I know I'm going to have kidney failure, fuck, I don't know what to do. My poor uncle. I can't imagine what his kids feel. God dammit. 4 hours, everyday, he had to go to dyalasis. Which is where you sit, and a machine filters your blood in and out of your body. I don't want that. No one does. A year and a half go, he was completely healthy. Constantly working out, being with his kids. Now look. He was a tough guy. Quite built. That might have been what killed him. He was so tough, about 2 days ago, they say he might have a had a minor heart attack, and that made him feel bad, which made him not go to dyalasis yesterday, which is what.... killed him.


What a just god I don't serve.


What's makes today even shittier, my loving, caring mom, who is always there for me, (SAR-FUCKING-CASM) can't even pick up her cell phone to talk to me about how I feel. Hey, thanks mom, love you too!

ALSO - Cassidy has some pretty fucking awesome friends! Friends who can talk shit about a guy who likes her to her. Over the internet. Let me tell you, if you're such a pussy, you have to talk shit, not even to the person you're talking shit about, but doing to over a fucking keyboard, moniter, some gears and wires, and a phone line, and phone jack? Boy, you're such a pussy I could fuck you.

Why is it that because I want Cassidy to quit smoking because it's unhealthy, disgusting, and many more reasons; that if you need to know more, you're a fucking idiot; well, why is it because I want her to quit smoking, a guy who likes her, but she CHOSE ME OVER, has to tell her that I have her whipped because I don't want her to die and want her to quit smoking, and that she's only 'another fucking stoner' to me, you know, since he knows me so well, well enough to talk shit to my face, or at least to my screename. Pussy. Also, he called me straight edge. Holy shit. I got called straight edge. Probably by someone who has checkered colored hair. Boy. I should fuck him up like a greaser would. If only I had a fucking heater. Or, shit, I'll just use a fucking broken bottle, or a fucking switchblade.


You're an idiot.

And a pussy.

And... JUST ANOTHER FUCKING STONER. Stupid shit, silly shit.

I think I found someone I could fall in love with. Her friends aren't that grand, but she's got a pretty face, and that makes up for it. ;-)

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You Want her, You Need Her [Friday
July 15th, 2005
04:04 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

What's sad is, Christians don't read the bible. They only read, "God loves you, so you should love god." You know, that bullshit. They don't read the wars, and stonings, and murders, and bullshit god told people to do.

The new testament says to follow the old testament, because 'writing in stone isn't washed away by water' well, if you're Christian, then, you believe in stoning and killing victims of rape, and you believe in burnt offerings etc. You fucking animal.

Hey, go read before you choose to 'lead'.

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Bang! Bang! Maxwell Silverhammer Came Down On Her Head [Friday
July 15th, 2005
03:32 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

I remembered my dreams last night. Well, 2 of them. The first one, I was on some couch some where, with Ariana, and we were making-out BUT, in between kisses, she'd tell me an interesting Pink Floyd fact, and then she put on Dark Side of the Moon. We made out until Any Colour You Like, and then she left. It was hot.

The second one was me and Gabe finally made a movie. It was a movie about the music revolution in the 60's, leading the the 70's but it was comical. There was one character we had that any time you talked to him, he'd say something from our times. Like, "Oh hey!" "I CHOOSE YOU PICACHU! Oh, sorry, you're not ready for that..." Or like Gabe walks by and he was like, "Dude, listen to this..." *Pulls out a CD player* "They're called 'Cold' they're inovative and original."

It was cool.

I was thinking, not only would it be interesting to meet Paul McCartney and Ringo Star because they were 'Beatles' but, because they've lead interesting lives behind that. I think my dad lead an interesting life, and he wasn't a rockstar, so I wonder what happens in Paul and Ringo's life. Like, my dad's been shot, and there's a cool story behind that, I wonder if like, secretly Ringo hates keeping rhythm or something, you know? Like things about their lives. I bet they're super wise. I mean, they've both lost 2 close friends and stuff. Heh, it's be cool.

Also, I remember one day in school, I asked Mr. Kelso how he was so wise, (when I was Christian) and he said, "I read alot, especially the bible." Which cancelled out the whole wise-thing. He just told me how he gains knowledge, not wisdom. 2 different things, smart ass. I hate him.

Well, I'm done.

I'm SUPPOSED to be coming home tomorrow morning, but knowing my family, I'll be on a train home August 15th.

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Can You Do A Pig? [Friday
July 15th, 2005
02:58 AM]
[ mood | blank ]

Okay, here's my x.missions' Maddox post for the week! So, on the news today, a colored man shot and killed 3 cops, and stole a car. Now, people are suing GTA's retailers Wal-Mart and Gamestop, and developers Sony. Holy shit. How dumb can you be? Before GTA existed, cops were killed, cars were stolen. Everyone is just out to get a dirty dollar. It makes me fucking sick.

Also, people are complaining that there should be a label on soda cans and bottles because sodas are mildly addictive and not suitable for children. I wish I was making this up, I swear. Yeah, soda's pretty bad, not like back in the day, when Coca-Cola has actual cocaine in it. I actually believe soda is addictive. I couldn't quit drinking it if I tried, and when I can't get a hold of one, I do get pretty anxious to get one. Still, I'm not bitching about a warning label. Why is there always a whiny bitch complaining about everything? In this instant, I'm whining, but I make whining fucking bad ass.

On the subject of stupid people/kids... Do you realize how many children are on meds because of stupid, shouldn't be, parents? "We can't hit our kid, and teach him right from wrong, so we label him hyperactive and feed him pills." What the hell? Hit your kid! When kids do something wrong, fucking hit them. SERIOUSLY. That's how you learn. I have a neice, and she's okay, but she can be a brat. You know why? Because she spends half of her life with my mom, who is a horrible disciplinee. She just doesn't hit her enough. SO, this 3 year old girl has complete control of everything. Her parents even, just slightly yell at her. You need to grow up, or not have kids. America supports this med run generation, as well. Every stupid bitch with a microphone complains that 'spanking' is brutal, and primative, and support the made up 'A.D.D.' and 'A.D.H.D.' youth we've bread. That shit doesn't exist. EVERYONE has A.D.D. it's called being fucking lazy from eating shit and watching T.V. all day. It's bullshit, pure bullshit. Mean while, the bitch complaining about BRUTAL and SPINE DESTROYING, BONE CRUSHING spanking, has 4 little shits running around plaguing this earth on there fucking xanax, ritalin, and all that bullshit. Her kids, and your kids, and maybe even you, are the people who ruin movies for everyone.

Oh and cell phones.

Which reminds me, I fucking hate cell phones. Either don't have one, or use one constantly, be annoying, but make sure you get a tumor and fucking die so I can have my happy ending. HOLY SHIT cell phones are annoying. They got even more annoying than usual too. It used to be, "Shit, they're not home. I guess I'll call later." Now, people fucking call fucking cell phones, and you hear a complete orchestral repetion of fucking Ying-Yang Twins' - Whisper Song. Holy shit, I hope people who own cell phones die. Then they fucking talk for-fucking-ever, ABOUT NOTHING! FUCK!

Do you realize, Bush was on his bike, and fell, because he's legally mentally handicapped, and was treated by a perimedic? You would think, "Oh, boy, must have been bad." But no, you sonvabitch. He had minor scrapes on his hands and knees. FUCK! I bet he was on meds as a kid, and wasn't hit enough.

By the way, politics are fucking stupid. Did you know someone in the supreme court is trying to get a law passed, that all books in libraries and schools involving homosexual, or bisexual characters, or books stating homosexuallity is acceptable, will be taken off shelves and burned or thrown in a hole a buried? What the fuck? You elected these idiots. You.

America is dumb and proud. Which makes us even more stupid.

Now it's the bible's turn. Did you know, one of Abraham's sons, lived in a city, and their army had won a war or some bullshit, and were getting drunk and rejoicing. They were going to participate in homosexual acts with each other and Abraham's son said, "This is wrong" and asked god what to do. God told him to get his virgin daughters, and let the men have their way. He listened.


That's horrible. God just...slkafhsajk Boy, if he was real, I'd be pissed! How can there be light and dark without a sun??? Impossible, heh? Well, at the beginning of Genesis, god said, "There was light and there was dark" What? But, you dumbass, the sun wasn't created until the forth day! How is that possible? Oh yeah. That's not feasible scientifically, because you don't exist.

More pwning later.

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You've Got To Change Your Evil Ways, Baby [Friday
July 15th, 2005
01:34 AM]
[ mood | blank ]

I can't really remember my dreams any more. I used to always dream about Katie and how we split up and I'd try to get her back and all this bullshit. I remember talking to you, telling you, "Well at least I dream about her, and I'm with her in another world" Now that I don't dream, I'm thinking, "Maybe there'd snother world in dreams, and I did have Katie, and she left me, again, and that other me couldn't take it, and I just died." I don't know, it could be all bullshit.

I don't know about all the dreams being another world though. I think it's just what we think about before we go to sleep, or just something we have subconciously, being thought out into acts your dream self performs.

I have 2 dreams I remember very vividly. One, I think I've told you before, was when I was at McKeel, and I saw a house on a hill over there, and I went up to it, and the door had lion statues on each side. When I knocked, the lions looked at me, and the door swung upon and it was Ricky Martin. He grew horns and chased me all through the school.

The other dream was I lived out like in Arizona. Like, the desert. And there was this canyon by a town. In the town, I met this blond haired, green eyed girl with a black leather jacket, who I talked to. In the dream, I fall in love with her, but in the end, she falls off the cliff.

I can easily say I have a meaning for this. Love is beautiful and all, but there's dangers that come with it, and sooner or later, that love will die, or you'll just lose it, and bam.

I have dreams with random made up girls alot, last night I had one, but I don't remember it. I just know when I have a made up girl dream when I wake up depressed. I always feel like I seriously knew and loved the made up girl. It's never about sex though...

Actually, I haven't ever had a sex dream. (That I remember) I don't know. Dreams are just like having another heart, and in the end of most my dreams, that other heart gets broken. I could be super happy, but when I dream, I could easily wake up hurt. Then again, dreams can make you feel good. I don't know...

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You Only Give Me Your Funny Paper [Thursday
July 14th, 2005
02:58 AM]
I'm pretty pissed. My headphones just... died. Stopped working. I plugged them in, and they just didn't work. wifhqwe

In other news, I read an entire book today. I am proud of myself. The Outsiders was great. I enjoyed the end. Grand ending for a grand book. This book was a perfect example of how I want to write. Wow, I can't get over how good that was, really.

Well, now I can die happy.
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Limitless, Undying Love [Wednesday
July 13th, 2005
07:27 PM]
[ mood | Nothing's gonna change my..... ]

Wow. 2 things I've done in the past 2 days: Read the Outsiders and listen to the Beatles. 2 of the best things in the world. The Beatles are amazing&&&///and the Outsiders is captivating. I just sat and listened to all of Abbey Road and the White Album while reading. I've read well over half the book, and I've only had it for 2 days. Only the Catcher in the Rye has had me this hooked.

Other than that, I haven't done anything today. I'm going to try to get my dad to take me to the music store when he gets home, and try to get him to buy me new strings for my guitars......

Let It Be............... I hate Coldplay.

And Jet. Jet is fucking terrible.

I fucking hate Jet.

Jet is a bad cover band.

Jet is not good.

Oh and look at the (I hate Jet) date, I'm in the future.

I hate Jet.

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Ticking Away. I hate Coldplay. [Tuesday
July 12th, 2005
11:48 PM]
[ mood | I hate Coldplay. ]

I hate Coldplay. I love Radiohead, but hate Coldplay. Oh yeah, and I hate Coldplay.

P.S. Yesterday.... I hate Coldplay.

Just kidding.

I hate Coldplay.

Coldplay is terrible.

I hate Coldplay. I'm feeling a little... (I hate)cold. (play)

I fucking hate Coldplay. Chris Martin is an asshole and needs to find a way to stop being a machine, feel his own feelings, and write his own songs, and stop sucking Thom Yorke's cock.

I hate Coldplay.

No wait.

I hate Coldplay///&&&I hate Coldplay.

Question: Does Chris Martin think about Thom Yorke when he jerks off?
Answer: Yes.

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Worst Computer Ever. [Tuesday
July 12th, 2005
07:36 PM]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm still in Miami. Nothing much has happend. I was pimp on Saturday in my tux. Oh, I got John Lennon/Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy on vinyl, and a keyboard. Oh, and I asked my aunt if I could have some of her books, and she said yes, so I got like, another Shakespeare book, a text book on english/writing, The Outsiders, and a few other books. I'm content reading my sweet Greek mythology though. Well, that's it.


Oh yeah, and did you guys know that there's a new Coke commmercial (LOL <3) and it has The Postal Service on it? Well, it's a cover. Well, whatever.

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You Will Not Want Me Any Other Way [Wednesday
July 6th, 2005
09:47 PM]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I am so jerked right now. I didn't get to do fucking anything today until like FUCKING 7, when I finally got to go to fucking Gabe's. We shitted around for-fucking-ever and then Cassidy came over, and I kept trying to get a hold of Daniel. Daniel finally calls back and comes over with the Wizard of Oz, and we spent forever putting Dark Side on to the movie. Darin was there for like 5 minutes, and then left. Cassidy didn't get to talk to me, and I didn't get to spend some much needed fucking time with her. You know why? My mom fucking picked me up at like fucking 9:20. What the FUCK!?!? YOU KNOW WHY!??! Because she wants a male friend to come over and she doesn't want to be alone. WHAT THE FUCK? If you don't want to be alone with a person, don't fucking invite them over. WHAT TEH KJFHSKJHFViuwehefvejwh FUCK.

I hate my life so much. I am so pissed off. 2 maybe 3 hours of actually doing something.wfuigqwkjvq I have a feeling shit porn tomorrow is going to be just as shitty. AND THEN FUCK. I have to go to Miami for the fucking weekend, where I'm sure my careless dipshit of a father will bitch and tit about wanted me to stay for the rest of the summer, so I'll have to. I'll waste the rest of my FUCKING summer sitting in a computer in an empty room at his house while he goes out with his girlfriend. FUCKFWIOGHuqbf Why are my parents so fucking stupid? Better question. How did 2 fucking mentally handicaped people have such a fucking awesome and genius fucking offspring? I am so fucking pissed at everyone/thing right now.

He had alot to say, he had alot of nothing to say, we'll miss him. Well, so long, we wish you well. Show us how you weren't afraid to die, so long, don't cry, or feel too down.

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